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NMS specializes in complex or challenging REO disposition, including high and low value homes, damaged properties, partly unfinished properties, poor markets and long-term holdings. In addition to direct listings and real estate referrals, NMS brokers sales of REO portfolios between financial institutions and offers customized services, including the management of property repairs and blind customer inspections of listed properties.

NMS can successfully dispose of a difficult to market REO holding through long-term commitments to bringing a property into marketable condition. NMS will work with its clients and with local real estate brokers to identify solutions and implement them with minimal hassles and expenses for clients.

Even the most despondent REOs are manageable and serviceable by NMS professionals. Our network of efficient specialists can resolve any property in the manner most beneficial to our clients.

By combining guidelines established by Fannie Mae, and expectations presented by our clients, NMS and its network of brokers formulate the most effective plan for the specific REO. Through initial evaluations and inspections, grooming and repairs to the property, analysis of existing and potential concerns, preventative measures, maintenance, and constant re-evaluation until the point of sale, NMS and the accepted broker work together to prepare the REO for maximum marketability in a timely manner.

Our commitment to our clients has grossed us over 200,000 REO sales nationwide, and an extensive list of satisfied repeat clients. NMS’ team of real estate professionals is committed to minimizing the costs related to non-performing properties, and maximizing returns for our clients. We understand the needs and demands of our clients and relentlessly pursue methods and solutions that conform to our client’s best interest.