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Network Mortgage Servicing is a national company specializing in management assistance of lender-owned and non-performing assets, loan sales and portfolio management. With over fifty years of experience, we have closed more than 200,000 REO sales nationwide and have built a network of real estate and appraisal professionals that covers every area in the United States. NMS offers customized services for the full portfolio transfer and REO cycles, including property valuation and inspection; owned asset maintenance and disposition; loss mitigation; portfolio marketing; and managerial consulting.

NMS is committed to reducing lender costs and effecting gainful transactions in the real estate and mortgage industries through superior service. The NMS team is a group of experienced real estate and mortgage professionals who understand the specific needs of our clients and network of professional affiliates.

We believe in using technology to expand our success. Our information system is continually enhanced with current technology to meet the special needs of our clients. Our web site offers real time data and completed order submission. NMS’ skilled IT department can work with clients to provide data interoperability and file transfers in any configuration our clients require.

Through our commitments, NMS has provided years of quality service. NMS is proud of our innate dedication to our industry and will always be grounded in its foundation and at the vanguard of its evolution, meeting the industry’s many needs with our devoted innovation and the foresight of our experience.