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Network Mortgage Servicing has an established network of proven real estate and appraisal professionals that covers all 50 States, Puerto Rico, and Guam, including rural areas and areas where valuation services are sometimes restricted.

Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

· Drive by
· Interior

NMS offers any type of BPO its clients require, including interior and exterior inspections and valuations on residential, commercial, industrial, and unimproved properties. Depending on requirements, NMS delivers completed, Drive by BPOs within five days of the order. Interior BPOs are provided within seven days following provision for interior access. Rush orders are available upon request with delivery times determined at the time of order.


· Drive by Appraisals
· Full appraisals
· Residential and 1-4 unit income appraisals
· Commercial

NMS has a nationwide network of appraisal professionals and can service any area. Delivery of completed appraisals starts at seven business days. Mixed use, large residential and other appraisals are available with delivery times determined at the time of order.

Each valuation is checked for thoroughness and accuracy by the NMS professional that is taking care of your order. No incomplete BPO or appraisal will be posted on our website or submitted to the client. Our team of professionals ensures client satisfaction for our services and we are always happy to comply with any special requests.

Because each order is different, we understand the concept that each order may require different services to entirely satisfy the client’s individual requirements. NMS employees aggressively pursue all orders, regardless of special needs, until they are ready to be delivered to the client in the promised time frame.

We have the cutting edge technology and first-rate IT team to accept and deliver orders in any format as determined by our clients. Orders can be placed individually or in bulk in a variety of methods. Whether digital or hard copy, NMS can adapt to the needs of our clients without sacrificing the quality of our services.