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NMS provides both custom and standard property inspection services, including inspections by licensed inspectors and real estate agents. Presently, NMS specializes in servicing special cases, such as cases where a lender has lost contact with a borrower or occupant and cases involving substantial property damage. Our network of over 30,000 real estate professionals provides the expertise to complete even the most distinctive inspections as requested by a client. Though an inspection order may come with specific provisions, a list of general inspections we offer is as follows:

General Inspections Requiring Exterior or Interior Inspection

· Standard inspections that generally require photographic and written documentation of all structural defects and hazards, in addition to a description of the property’s physical and occupancy status.

Periodic Inspections

· General Inspections performed at stated intervals

Occupancy Status

· Inspections to determine the state of occupancy

Delinquency Inspections

· These require attempts to contact a borrower or occupant with whom the lender has lost contact or who is not responding to lender correspondence.

Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Inspections

· These focus on the potential marketability of the property, including critical safety hazards or potential conditions which could impact the value of the property, in anticipation of potential lender ownership of the property.

Catastrophe Inspections

· Performed after a property has suffered major damage, these are to provide lenders with information affecting decisions on potential property foreclosure and marketing, as well as to calculate monetary damage for insurance and repair purposes.

Compliance Inspections

· Determines if repairs or improvements required to bring the property into compliance have been completed to agreement, so funds can be released from escrow

Environmental Inspections

· Items listed on a work order request that present a potential environmental concern are inspected at the property. Our inspector will visit municipal offices, as well as the property itself to complete inspection. Occupants will only be contacted if the inspector cannot obtain required information through other means.

NMS can accommodate any type of inspection request. The above list was only a partial list of services we can provide.